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By Federica Basile


Welcome to BELTOSOP!


BELTOSOP is my vocal coaching programme that will help you achieve your full potential as a singer and performer.  It’s based on all my knowledge and personal experiences, and it keeps evolving day after day. Everything I talk about I have experimented and verified on myself first, I am my own singing Guinea pig! 


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During our time together we will work towards reaching your goals as a singer. Here are the pillars my programme is based on:

  1. AWARENESS: Getting to know your instrument! 


Whether you already have an understanding of how your voice works or you haven't fully explored its potential yet, we'll ensure you gain an in-depth knowledge of it. We'll explore different sounds, styles and musical genres, and you may even discover a passion for a sound your voice has never produced before!


Knowing your own instrument is essential if you want to achieve significant results in your singing. That doesn't necessarily mean being able to sing everything - it means understanding how your instrument responds to different inputs and finding your unique sound in almost any song. And yes, it is possible to sing in any style! 


2. TRAINING: Singers are Athletes of the Voice


You’ll often hear me say this: Singers are Athletes of the Voice. Just like a sportsperson can’t achieve results in their sport without consistent training and conditioning, we, as singers, need to develop stamina in our muscles to optimise our voice performance in the long term.


Resistance is built through functional exercises and daily practice. And daily practice begins with our spoken voice! Since we spend most of our time speaking throughout the day, it's important to ensure that we do it correctly to avoid fatigue at the end of the day or before starting to sing.


3. WARM UP (and cool down) : The key to a long-lasting healthy voice


Never underestimate the importance of warm-up and cool-down! Just like stretching before and after any sports practice, warming up and cooling down is crucial. If you don't prepare your body for the physical effort and bring it back to neutral at the end of the workout, it can lead to injuries or stiffness, causing more problems in the long run. The same goes for our voice. Warm-ups should start by stretching your vocal folds, exploring your head voice range, and then moving on to more challenging exercises, like belting. 


Final sports analogy: If you lift heavy weights without stretching before and after your workout, you'll lose flexibility over time. Similarly, if you only focus on belting without practising your head voice, you'll lose vocal agility and your range will likely be significantly limited. Take care of your voice by incorporating warm-ups into your routine and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and versatile instrument! 


4. VERSATILITY of Mind and Voice


As a singer, it's natural to have a preference for a particular repertoire or genre. However, it’s important to train your voice in a way that ensures all parts of your range and various styles are well-prepared. If you only focus on one style, you might miss out on exploring other styles and lose some vocal flexibility along the way.


Let's use the athlete comparison again: An athlete who exclusively trains for marathons will excel at running long distances but may struggle with sprinting. Their body will be shaped in a certain way, likely lean with long muscle fibres. On the flip side, an athlete who trains for sprinting will develop explosive energy and larger muscles, but may not have the endurance for long-distance running like a marathoner.


Now, being a master in all styles is pretty tough (I mean, finding someone who excels at both marathons and sprints is like spotting a unicorn!). But guess what? You can train in different styles and become really good at all of them. It's all about being curious, following your interests and passions and keeping your voice flexible and ready for anything.




As singers, it is always a good idea to have a repertoire ready for auditions, solo gigs or simply for the joy of singing. Together, we can explore which songs best suit your unique voice and interests, creating a repertoire that's ready to go whenever you need it!


Ultimately, my goal is to help you thrive as a singer, whatever your musical interest is. Once we establish the foundation of a strong, self-aware, and healthy voice, I'm more than happy to customise my programme specifically for YOU, ensuring it aligns with your vocal aspirations and helps you achieve your musical dreams!




BELTOSOP programme 

Achieving your goals as a singer


940 GBP 

  • 12 sessions, max 1 per week, min 2 sessions per month

  • 6 calendar months maximum to complete the programme

  • 1-2-1 ad-hoc online coaching (possible in-person coaching in London)

  • 90 minute sessions

  • Full access to pre-recorded warm-up and training videos (available after the first 4 sessions)

  • Daily Whatsapp support through feedbacks 

  • Shared Google Doc Progress Track Diary 


90’ Trial Lesson 55 GBP book here


My availabilities:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10-17:15 UK time

Wednesday and Saturday morning upon request

Sunday upon request


Also offering 1-off sessions:

60’ online coaching - 65 GBP book here

90’ online coaching - 85 GBP book here


(March 2024 rates)


I update Calendly availabilities from Thursday to Saturday to book sessions for the following week.

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